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One on one lessons
at the studio

Lessons in person  allow us to play together in real time.

I sometimes play the drums or piano as the student  strums.​​

We play chords and sing and harmonize together. or trade solos.​​

We learn to read the notes for piano or tablature for guitar.​​

Practice sightreading (playing as your read along.)​​​

Online lessons

We can do almost as much as in person however, we need to record a video to practice with the teacher as realtime strumming online is impossible.​​

Beside that, we share the screens and can read, make notes on the music sheet. 

A video is recorded at the end of every lesson so the student can review and practice with the teacher online​.

Every student has a Onedrive folder where he/she can access the videos at any time.

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2015-12-13 Concert (35).JPG

Live performances 

Twice a year the students get to perform in a live venue.

They get to rehearse in combos with their peers and play with professional musicians on stage.

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